Game: How Much is That?

Stewardship has been on my mind lately. Our church, and I’m sure many churches, has kicked off a short series regarding giving. Additionally, I have been participating in a six-week food drive benefiting our local food pantry. With every charity-benefiting athletic event I participate in, every fundraiser meal I partake in, and every knock on my door from a youth with a wagon and a commodity, the idea of giving and stewardship is constantly on my mind. The ideas following can be used to begin discussions of serving and stewardship within your group, or they can be used as stand-alone, fun ideas:
Type/Purpose: Miscellaneous


  • Loose change
  • Cups, jars, etc. to hold the change

Set-Up: Divide the participants into groups of 3, and give each group a container of change.


  • Ask each player to reach into the container of change, grab 4 coins, and hold them tight. When you say “go,” they are to dump their coins in the middle of their small group, and whoever can correctly add all the change together and shout it out wins the round.
  • Play a few rounds, then rotate groups.

Extra Ideas:

  • Do this in partners, and go best of 5 rounds, then have a “How Much is That?” tournament.
  • Have participants grab only 1 or 2 coins, or in contrast, have them grab a big handful.
  • After small groups have played a few rounds, have them merge with another group, so that they are in groups of 6, then merge to groups of 12, etc. until you have one large group.
  • Have participants grab change, then, upon dumping, yell only a certain denomination for them to count (such as quarters, pennies, half dollars, etc.)

Published October 27, 2011

About the author

Sean Cramer graduated as a DCE from Concordia University, River Forest and served as a Program Assistant/Associate at Camp Lone Star in La Grange, TX. After moving back to his hometown near Rockford, IL, Sean currently works with Developmentally Disabled individuals. Aside from awaiting a Call in professional ministry again, Sean enjoys volunteering, reading, playing games, exercising and observing his dog be absolutely resistant to any new tricks.
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