Use these resources to discuss stewardship with your youth.

Article: WHO AM I, by Rev. Anthony Creeden
Stewardship is an incredibly powerful antidote for WHO AM I because stewardship is a doctrine that is primarily focused on identity.

Article: So, You’re a Steward…, by Rev. Anthony Creeden
When it was put to me as a way of life, as an identity that found its way into every bit of teaching and ministry I do, I was a bit overwhelmed.

Devotion: Do Something, by Rev. Jay Reed
We are “stewards” of our own lives, people who have been entrusted by another to care for His valuables.

Devotion: Radical Stewardship, by Rev. Jay Reed
Radical stewardship is about living as if all the promises of God to provide for and watch over us are true.

Devotion: What Are You Lookin’ At?, by Rev. Jay Reed
For those of us tempted to place too much value in the things of this world, Jesus has a question that comes out of Matthew 6:25-33: What are you looking at?

Bible Study: Hold on Loosely, by Dave Rueter
Christians are to view their blessings as true gifts from God for use according to His will and for His purposes.

Bible Study: Stewardship, by Rev. Anthony Creeden
We have been given the task to rule over this creation God has given us with great care and love according to the will of God. What does that mean? Well, that is what this study is all about.

Family Night: MMMM Good–M&Ms, by Wayne Duchow
Do parents know how their teenager(s) regard the stewardship of time, talents and treasure? Do students have any idea why their parents handle their finances like they do and what value they put on their time and talents? This family night will give parents and teens a great chance to talk about these things.

Game: Loose Change Scavenger Hunt, by Sean Cramer
Game: How Much is That?, by Sean Cramer
Use these games to kick off or enhance a study on stewardship.