Stewardship has been on my mind lately. Our church, and I’m sure many churches, has kicked off a short series regarding giving. Additionally, I have been participating in a six-week food drive benefitting our local food pantry. With every charity-benefitting atheltic event I participate in, every fundraiser meal I partake in, and every knock on my door from a youth with a wagon and a commodity, the idea of giving and stewardship is constantly on my mind. The ideas following can be used to begin discussions of serving and stewardship within your group, or they can be used as stand-alone, fun ideas:

Type/Purpose: Scavenger Hunt


  • Loose change
  • Cups, jars, pockets, etc. to hold the change

Set-Up: Divide the group into 2 or 3 teams, and give them an equal amount of change.

Using their change, the group will listen to what you are asking them for. If they have the coin(s), one person is to run up and show the leader. Points are awarded for the group that shows the leader first.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

  • $.47 or another random number
  • 2 dimes with the same year
  • a quarter minted in Denver
  • a rusty penny
  • a half dollar
  • 5 quarters with different states on each one
  • an old penny and a new penny
  • spell the word “Pickle” with your coins (how they transport the word is up to them)
  • coins with the birth year of all of the participants
  • coin with your birth year, etc.
  • Adapt any of these ideas or come up with others your own.