We often feel the need to be surrounded by worldly possessions to survive, yet Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:19-21 that the most important treasures are those we store in heaven.

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THEMES: Treasures, In the World
Dad – very practical
Mom – her motto is “be prepared”
Josh – 16 years old
Karen – 14 years old
Craig – 6 years old
The scene is the driveway of the family home. Five chairs should be set up on the left side of the stage parallel to the audience to indicate the van. The front door of the home will be offstage to the right. It would help to have many of the items in the skit used as props to give the effect of how much the family is trying to take on this two-day camping trip to the lake. Conversations should occur at center stage. The scene opens with Dad walking onto stage from the front door toward the van. As he reaches center stage, Josh comes from the front door carrying a small duffel bag and a fishing rod.
Josh: Hey, Dad! I’m really excited about this weekend.
Dad: Yes, son, camping is a great way to get back to basics and bond as a family. (He reaches out and pats Josh on the shoulder.) Are you all packed?
Josh: Sure thing. Got everything I’ll need for two days at the lake in my bag, and of course I can’t miss a chance for a little fishing. (He holds out each item as he refers to it.)
Dad: Good! We don’t have a lot of room for extras after packing the tent, ice chest, and sleeping bags. I’ve still got to find room for the stove and lantern. (He looks puzzlingly at the van as Josh places his things in it.)
Mom enters carrying large, heavy box.
Mom: (to Dad) Honey, could you help me with this?
Dad: (walks to Mom, takes the box and sinks under its weight; setting down the box, he looks in it) What in the world do you have in here? (Mom rushes back toward the house.)
Mom: (calling over her shoulder) Just a minute, dear. (She disappears and returns with a medium size suitcase in one hand and an electric skillet and toaster in the other.) What was that, dear? (She goes straight to the van with this load.)
Dad: What is all this stuff in the box (looks up at Mom), and what is all that?!
Mom: (innocently) What do you mean?
Dad: You’ve got the frying pan and the toaster! And all the stuff in this box! (rummages through box) Two rolls of paper towels, four rolls of toilet tissue, three cans of artichokes, four boxes of macaroni dinners, eight cans of green beans, three loaves of bread, five pounds of potatoes, sugar, flour, laundry detergent, six mixing bowls, a first aid kit, cold medicine (looks up at Mom) and the food processor! I can’t believe you’re bringing all this. I thought we were going to grill hamburgers and eat sandwiches; maybe have fish if we catch any. We’re going camping at the lake, not moving!
Mom: (very determined) Well, you never know. We could get stranded up there and then what would we do? (Takes the box and places it in the van.)
Dad: But why do you need the food processor?
Karen comes through the front door carrying two large, overstuffed bags; there are curlers and a hair dryer sticking out of the top of one of the bags. Josh is still standing by the van, slightly amused at the events. Mom returns to the house.
Karen: Where do you want these, Dad?
Dad: (looks at Karen’s bags) Ohhh, nooo! (Dad shakes his head.) What is all this stuff?
Karen: (indignantly) Daddy, I can’t go without any of these things. I’m down to the barest necessities as it is!
Dad: What’s in the bags, Karen?
Karen: Just like I said… things I really need… like shorts and tops, my new jeans, bathing suit, three pairs of shoes, my new skirt, my iPod, suntan lotions, shampoo, hair dryer, curlers, and makeup.
Josh: We understand. The “keep America beautiful” equipment, eh, Sis?
Karen: Very funny! Oh, oh, I almost forgot my nail polish remover. (She throws her things in the side door of the van and rushes back to the house.) You never know who you might see! (calling over her shoulder to Dad) Dad! Craig is trying to bring a lot of junk!
Craig passes her carrying a bag filled with stuffed animals and toys.
Craig: (whining) But, Daddy, Mommy said I could bring some toys.
Dad: But, she didn’t mean all of them. Now, take those back to your room, young man.
Craig: (crying now) But, Daddy, they’ll be lonely if they have to stay here without me. Please, Daddy, let me take them.
Josh: Hey, partner. Let’s pick out a couple of stuffed animals and toys to take. Those we leave will keep each other company until we come home.
Craig: (sadly) Well, okay. (Josh and Craig pick out a couple of animals.)
Josh: How about taking these back to your room? (Craig heads toward the house, then sneaks behind Josh and Dad and takes all of his toys to the van.)
Dad: Good diplomacy, son. Brothers can sometimes get further in these matters. (Mom enters carrying large stack of blankets.)
Dad: Why are you bringing blankets? It’s the middle of summer.
Mom: Just in case it turns cold. You never know about the weather. (She places them on the floor of the van. Josh shakes his head and smiles.)
Dad: (rushes to the van and looks inside) I can’t believe this! There’s no room for people in here. This is supposed to be a simple weekend trip… just an hour’s drive. At this rate we’ll still be unpacking tomorrow night. (Mom, Karen, and Craig return to the stage with a few more things.) Some of this has to go!
Mom: Everything I brought is essential.
Karen: Dad, I need everything!
Craig: (begins to cry) Please, don’t make me leave my toys!
Josh: Dad, I don’t have to fish this weekend. I could leave my fishing gear.
Dad: Thanks for offering, but your stuff has to come along. It’s on the bottom of this mess! Come on, everyone, get in… if you can. (Dad walks to the front of the van. Everyone else pushes into the van and shuts the “doors.” There is a hissing sound as all four tires go flat. Dad watches with a sickened look.)
Mom: (calling out the van window) Didn’t you remember to put air in the tires, dear?
The scene freezes. Josh comes to center stage and addresses the audience.
Josh: As you can see, it is pretty hard to take it all with you. But if you think about it, is all that necessary or important? The things of this world, which we place so much value in, are worthless in heaven. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:19-21 not to store up treasures on earth but to store up treasures in heaven. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (verse 21). That doesn’t mean you can’t have things like food processors, toys, hair curlers, or fishing rods. Just don’t make them more important in your life than Jesus Christ.
The End.
Originally published in Youth Ministry Quarterly 91:1.

Republished and revised in October 2011 for thESource.