Type/Purpose: Ball/Throwable Object, Outdoor, Seasonal—Summer, Water


  • A ping pong ball (if playing on asphalt or concrete) or a fully inflated beach ball (if playing on grass)
  • Cones, chairs, etc. to place as boundaries and goal posts
  • Water guns, enough for each participant
    • Note: Either supply enough for each person, or request that participants bring their own, and purchase enough for extras.

Set-Up: Set up playing area like you would a normal soccer field, but condense the size of it based on the size of the group.


  • Play as you would soccer or floor hockey, but with the following variations:
  • The players may not touch the ball at any time, but may shoot the ball with their water gun.
  • Play does not stop until a goal is scored, but if a ball goes out of bounds, it may be shot back in bounds.

Extra Ideas:

  • Instead of water guns, use squeeze bottles. Either water bottles or condiment bottles would work.
  • Have “filling stations” placed around the court.
  • Encourage players to wear swim suits, and you already know where this activity may be going.
  • Have players with larger water guns compete to see who can shoot a ball the furthest.

Teachable Moment: For devotional ideas, focus on the themes of “living water” or “missing the mark”