A Bible Study on God the Creator and the Future of Mankind

Within the first 6000 years or so, God the Creator made Adam and Eve from the dust of the ground to be stewards of His created universe and to procreate within the one flesh union of a husband and wife. In contrast to this, biotechnology has added an additional 28 reproductive methods since 1978 (the first test-tube baby) to the present day. The word procreation is used within the context of this Bible study to indicate the one flesh union between a man and woman, blessed by God as a husband and wife, and, if it is God’s will for them, to conceive and give birth to a son or daughter.

On the other hand, reproduction refers to sexual reproduction of a child between a husband and wife within their bodies as well as outside of their bodies in glass Petri dishes. In addition, the word reproduction refers to the asexual reproduction (no male gamete is used, only the woman’s oocyte/egg plus the body cell DNA) that results in a cloned individual. The biotechnological term for this type of production is called Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). This is the ‘making’ of a child using artificial methods.

This Bible study will examine the redesigning of the created human being via ART, and its impact on the future of mankind as some use this biotechnology in the pursuit of happiness and personal desire. This purpose will be examined in light of ‘what it means to be human’ as a created and redeemed child of God.

Section 1 will bring together genetic science in service to God’s Word, focusing on the biblical teaching of creation. Section 2 will focus on the biblical teaching of marriage, procreation, and parenting. Section 3 will focus on assisted reproductive technology and its impact on the commoditization of children. Section 4 will deal with human cloning and its implication for the future of mankind. Section 5 will present ‘the storm in the Petri dish’ as this relates to adult and embryonic stem cell research.

We hope and pray that this Bible study will help structure your Biblical thinking and Christian witness. God bless you in your continued witness for the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Author and Perfecter of faith.

Introduction by Dr. Robert Weise

Section 1: Genesis and Genetics (PDF) by John Reschar and Paul Winckler

Section 2: God, Marriage, and Procreation (PDF) by James Fickenscher and Aaron Roggow

Section 3: Designer Babies (PDF) by Matt Behrens, Jay Holden, and Tom Roma

Section 4: Making Copies (PDF) by John David Mull and Justin Whitmore

Section 5: Storm in the Petri Dish (PDF) by Matthew Hardaway and John Schultz
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