Game: Video Scavenger Hunt

Type/Purpose: Event/Activity, High Tech, Off-Site, Scavenger Hunt

These days video recorders of various types are very common in your youth group’s families. Why not use them for a youth group activity?


  • One video recorder for each group of four or five youth (with fresh battery and/or back-up batteries)
  • A willing parent or counselor with a car for each group of youth
  • Snacks
  • A big television
  • Three hours
  • A list of the same tasks for each group, sealed in their own “Mission Envelope”


  • Each group will have an hour and a half to complete their hunt.
  • Each group must complete as many of the 20 tasks as possible in the allotted time (extra points can be given for creativity).
  • Points will be deducted from any team that returns late.
  • Each team member must wear a seatbelt.
  • Each driver is required to obey all traffic laws (including speed limit).
  • Each team is required to have fun in Christ.

Your Mission:

(Use these to inspire you. You may want to tweak them or change them to fit your situation.)

Film the following:

  • (20 pts) A dog chasing a cat/squirrel/car down the street.
  • (15 pts)  Your group singing “Happy Birthday” to a stranger in a fast-food restaurant.
  • (15 pts)  An adult (not a team member) doing a cartwheel.
  • (35 pts)  Your team holding hands, praying around the school flagpole for two minutes.
  • (50 pts)  Someone singing the “Lollipop Song” from the Wizard of Oz while under the influence of helium.
  • (25 pts)  Your team building a human pyramid and saying a cheer.
  • (20 pts)  A team member wearing a fireman’s hat, boots, and coat while making siren sounds.
  • (75 pts)  A team member sitting in a bathtub, squeaking a rubber ducky.
  • (20 pts)  The team singing and doing the hokey-pokie with a Wal-Mart employee.
  • (20 pts)  Drying an article of clothing (such as a jacket or sock) from each team member at the local laundromat.
  • (75 pts)  Telling three residents at a nursing home that Jesus loves them, then giving them a hug.
  • (50 pts)  Asking the clerk at the convenience store to recite John 3:16. If they don’t know it, teach it to them.
  • (20 pts)  A pizza restaurant employee balancing a pizza box on their nose for five seconds.
  • (20 pts)  Buying something that costs exactly $1.23 at the grocery store (tax included).
  • (25 pts)  Someone demonstrating the proper way to clean a toilet.
  • (20 pts)  A band student playing a song on their instrument.
  • (35 pts)  Someone wearing your pastor’s clerical shirt while the group recites the Lord’s Prayer with him.
  • (15 pts)  Film the team as you drive through an automatic car wash.
  • (20 pts)  Your whole team blowing a bubble gum bubble at the same time.
  • Use the first 15 minutes of your meeting to talk about rules and safety. Divide the group into teams. Set your watches and tell them when to be back.  Have a prayer, then send them off with their Mission Envelopes.
  • When the teams return, have the youth relax with snacks and watch their videos together. Have a group of two or three adults award points accordingly. Give a small prize to the team that scores the highest.

Teachable Moment: A great Bible study or devotional tie-in would be “Pressing On Toward the Goal” from Philippians 3:12-21, and the song from the band Reliant K entitled “Pressing On.”

About the author

Jason Glaskey is a child of God, husband of Lyla, and father of Samuel and Hannah. He serves as Director of Christian Education at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Joplin, Missouri. He's passionate about connecting with Jesus and connecting with people — especially youth and their families at church, school and in the community. Jason is often accompanied by his K9 ministry partner, Louie Comfort Dog. He loves a fresh-cut lawn and a good grilled burger, and he hates mustard.
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