Type/Purpose: Event/Activity, High Tech, Off-Site, Scavenger Hunt

These days video recorders of various types are very common in your youth group’s families. Why not use them for a youth group activity?


  • One video recorder for each group of four or five youth (with fresh battery and/or back-up batteries)
  • A willing parent or counselor with a car for each group of youth
  • Snacks
  • A big television
  • Three hours
  • A list of the same tasks for each group, sealed in their own “Mission Envelope”


  • Each group will have an hour and a half to complete their hunt.
  • Each group must complete as many of the 20 tasks as possible in the allotted time (extra points can be given for creativity).
  • Points will be deducted from any team that returns late.
  • Each team member must wear a seatbelt.
  • Each driver is required to obey all traffic laws (including speed limit).
  • Each team is required to have fun in Christ.

Your Mission:

(Use these to inspire you. You may want to tweak them or change them to fit your situation.)

Film the following:

  • (20 pts) A dog chasing a cat/squirrel/car down the street.
  • (15 pts)  Your group singing “Happy Birthday” to a stranger in a fast-food restaurant.
  • (15 pts)  An adult (not a team member) doing a cartwheel.
  • (35 pts)  Your team holding hands, praying around the school flagpole for two minutes.
  • (50 pts)  Someone singing the “Lollipop Song” from the Wizard of Oz while under the influence of helium.
  • (25 pts)  Your team building a human pyramid and saying a cheer.
  • (20 pts)  A team member wearing a fireman’s hat, boots, and coat while making siren sounds.
  • (75 pts)  A team member sitting in a bathtub, squeaking a rubber ducky.
  • (20 pts)  The team singing and doing the hokey-pokie with a Wal-Mart employee.
  • (20 pts)  Drying an article of clothing (such as a jacket or sock) from each team member at the local laundromat.
  • (75 pts)  Telling three residents at a nursing home that Jesus loves them, then giving them a hug.
  • (50 pts)  Asking the clerk at the convenience store to recite John 3:16. If they don’t know it, teach it to them.
  • (20 pts)  A pizza restaurant employee balancing a pizza box on their nose for five seconds.
  • (20 pts)  Buying something that costs exactly $1.23 at the grocery store (tax included).
  • (25 pts)  Someone demonstrating the proper way to clean a toilet.
  • (20 pts)  A band student playing a song on their instrument.
  • (35 pts)  Someone wearing your pastor’s clerical shirt while the group recites the Lord’s Prayer with him.
  • (15 pts)  Film the team as you drive through an automatic car wash.
  • (20 pts)  Your whole team blowing a bubble gum bubble at the same time.
  • Use the first 15 minutes of your meeting to talk about rules and safety. Divide the group into teams. Set your watches and tell them when to be back.  Have a prayer, then send them off with their Mission Envelopes.
  • When the teams return, have the youth relax with snacks and watch their videos together. Have a group of two or three adults award points accordingly. Give a small prize to the team that scores the highest.

Teachable Moment: A great Bible study or devotional tie-in would be “Pressing On Toward the Goal” from Philippians 3:12-21, and the song from the band Reliant K entitled “Pressing On.”