This five-part Bible study takes a look at Moses and many of his moments in ministry. It is meant to be a study for anyone who works with youth. Use it on your own or with a group.

Download a PDF of the Bible study: Through the Desert with a Bunch of Flaky Whiners.


There are great moments in youth ministry. Moments that exemplify the reasons you got into youth ministry, moments for which you pray and prepare, moments where God rewards you with unconditional love, overwhelming joy, and inexpressible thanksgiving. Those moments exist, and I pray that God continually renews and rewards you with those moments often.

Yet, those are not the only moments we experience as youth workers. There are moments of utter frustration and inadequacy, of great difficulty and complexity, and of complete disappointment and failure. Moments that are so awful words cannot come close to describing the pain which your heart and stomach are suffering. Those moments happen, too, and Satan uses them well against us in our service to God.

This study takes a look at Moses and many of his moments in ministry. Every time I read the story of the Israelites, I think, “Poor Moses, having to go through the desert with a bunch of flaky whiners.” Serve even a short time in youth ministry, and you could swear you know exactly how Moses must have felt. Though youth ministry is filled with great moments, it can also make you feel as if you are walking aimlessly, consumed with thirst and desperation, as you lead a bunch of flaky whiners through a never-ending desert.

I pray that this study encourages you as you continue in ministry, that you gain some new insights from God as you study this section of Scripture, and that you always remember that God will sustain you for the purpose for which He has called you.


Most of this study is designed for personal devotion for you the youth worker. However, it could easily be adapted for a small group. It is broken into sections to make it manageable, but can be divided in whatever way you so choose. I have included a large Scriptural context for each section so you can do a more in-depth study if you wish. Section 5 is intended for a large group study, and so it could be used for a youth Bible study or even for a multi-staff Bible study. The Into Scripture parts for Sections 4 and 5 are left open for your own meditation.


Section 1 – The Context and the Calling
Section 2 – The Complaining Journey
Section 3 – The Burdens of Leadership
Section 4 – Words From Moses
Section 5 – A Flaky Whiner (Group study)