Bad circumstances can ruin a perfect day–or our hope in Christ can give us joy that lasts despite what the world throws at us.  In this skit Mr. Higginsdorf gets everything thrown at him, including a law suit, itchy red spots, a dead cat, and a jail sentence.  What will he throw back?
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Theme: Hope in Christ
#1:   (sitting on a chair, enjoying the wonderful weather, reading the paper) What an incredibly
        beautiful day. Nothing can spoil this day, it’s that perfect.
#2:   (dressed in a tie and dress coat) Excuse me, Sir, but are you Mr. Higginsdorf?
#1:   Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.
#2:   Wonderful. My name is Earl and I’m with the law offices of Smith, Tyler, Bancroft and
        Mead. You are being sued for thousands of dollars.
#1:   What? Why?
#2:   Your neighbor claims that your dog bit him. Have a nice day.
#1:   Dog? I don’t even own a dog. I have a cat.
#2:   Did I say dog? I’m sorry. I meant to say a cat. Good-bye.
#1:   Wait a minute; my cat is 14 years old. She doesn’t even have teeth anymore!
#2:   Did I say, “bit?” I’m sorry; I meant to say, “scratched.”
#1:   She’s also de-clawed.
#2:   (leaving) I’m sure you’re right, sir. You can explain all this to the judge. Have a good day.
#1:   Well, this certainly is interesting. (Thinks for a moment) I have a choice here, I can let this
        news get me down and ruin this perfect day or…
#2:   (dressed up like a doctor) Excuse me, Mr. Higginsdorf?
#1:   Yes, Dr. Herpelshimer. How are you?
#2:   I’m fine, but I’m sorry to say that the news I have for you isn’t.
#1:   What do you mean?
#2:   Do you remember the tests we ran on you a few weeks ago because you were itching so
#1:   Yes, actually I do. Did you get the results?
#2:   Yes, and the news is so bad that I thought I should tell you face to face.
#1:   Go on. I’m listening.
#2:   (administering red dots to skin while talking) You have a very rare form of a painful skin
        disease. According to my calculations red bumps should be surfacing on your skin in the
        next few days, maybe even hours.
#1:   You mean like these?
#2:   Oh no. It’s happening sooner than I thought.
#1:   Is that bad?
#2:   Well, it’s not good. (leaving) Call me in the morning and we’ll set up an appointment. I
        wouldn’t be surprised if you find it impossible to sleep tonight. Have a good day.
#1:   Right…thank you doctor. First the lawsuit and now this?!?! (thinks for a moment) I have a
        choice here, I can let this news get me down and ruin this perfect day or…
#2:   Excuse me, sir, but do you own a cat?
#1:   Yes.
#2:   Is she grey?
#1:   Yes.
#2:   Does she have a red collar with a tag that reads “Fluffy?”
#1:   Yes.
#2:   I ran over your cat. (hands him the cat) Sorry.
#1:   What?!?!
#2:   I was driving along and she ran out in front of me. I couldn’t stop. Again, I’m sorry but
        there was nothing that I could do. (leaves)
#1:   (sitting in disbelief) First the lawsuit, then the red spots and now my cat. What’s going to
        happen next?
#2:   (dressed in a tie and dress coat…different than the first) Excuse me, sir, but are you Mr.
#1:   Yes.
#2:   I’m from the credit card company. Did you know that your credit card was stolen three days
#1:   No. (looks inside wallet and credit card is missing)
#2:   Well, Sir, the good news is that we found your credit card and the person who stole it. He’s
        in custody with the police right now.
#1:   I’m afraid to ask what the bad news is.
#2:   It appears, Sir, that the criminal withdrew over $3,000 from your credit card and escaped
        to Las Vegas. He lost it all at a poker table. Furthermore, he has no source of income. I
        guess that’s why hes a thief. Anyway, since he cant pay the bill, ultimately you’re
        responsible for the $3,000 withdrawal.
#1:   But I didn’t use the card! Why am I responsible for his crime?
#2:   Sir, we did offer you the insurance coverage on your card for a mere $14.00 annually. If
         you remember, you waived that fee, thus assuming responsibility for any fraudulent
        charges to your account. You’ll be receiving a statement in the mail in 7 to 10 business
        days. (leaving) Thank you and have a good day.
#1:   Wow! I cannot believe this…first the lawsuit, then the red spots, then my cat dies and now
         there’s a $3,000 credit card bill for which I have nothing thing to show. (thinks for a
         moment) I have a choice here, I can let this news get me down and ruin this perfect day
#2:   (dressed as a police officer) Excuse me, sir, but are you Mr. Higginsdorf?
#1:   Oh no, now what?
#2:   Mr. Higginsdorf you are under arrest for impersonating a police officer.
#1:   (while being handcuffed) What are you talking about?
#2:   (checking his notes) On the evening of October 31st of last year you were seen on the
        corner of 2nd and Jefferson wearing the uniform of a police officer. That act is in direct
        violation of #22-985.
#1:   October 31st? I was going to a costume party. That was my costume!
#2:   We’ll let the judge sort it out, Mr. Higginsdorf. Come with me please.
(the officer leads him over to a wooden frame with bars, resembling a jail)
#3:   (also behind bars, scrubbing the floors with a brush) What are you in for?
#1:   Impersonating a police officer, I guess.
#3:   What’s with the dead cat?
#1:   It’s a long story.
#3:   I’ve got nothin’ but time. Let’s hear it.
#1:   Well, there I was, enjoying a perfectly wonderful day. All of a sudden I’m slapped with a
         lawsuit, then my doctor tells me Ive got some kind of rash, then my cat gets run over, my
         credit card was stolen, and then I’m arrested for impersonating a police officer.
#3:   Wow! Talk about ruining your day.
#1:   Eh…maybe, but not really.
#3:   What?!?! If all of those things would have happened to me in one week I would have been
        a basket case, much less in one day. What kind of nut job are you?
#1:   Oh, it’s OK. I know that all of this stuff we be sorted out. Life sure could be worse.
#3:   How’s that?
#1:   Well, for starters, what if I didnt have Jesus in my life? Life would really stink then.
#3:   Jesus? There’s that name again. I’m surprised how much people talk about Him around
        here. You’d think that this would be the last place people would talk about Jesus. But, here
        you are.
#1:   Hey, there’s a lot to say about Jesus. He’s pretty awesome, you know. If we only had a
        Bible though, that’s the best place to start.
#3:   (nonchalantly) There’s one over here in the corner?
#1:   You have a Bible in your cell?
#3:   You think that the Gideon’s only get to hotel rooms?
#1:   I see. (retrieves Bible from corner and opens it to verse) Here in 1 Peter it says, “God’s
        power protects you through your faith until salvation is shown to you at the end of time.
        This makes you very happy, even though now for a short time different kinds of trouble may
        make you sad. These troubles come to prove that your faith is pure.”
#3:   So despite your troubles, you’re happy because of God?
#1:   That’s a pretty good summary. Hey, by the way, what are you for?
#3:   Stealing a guy’s credit card. I withdrew over $3,000 from his account. I’m not worried…I’ll
        be out of here in a couple of hours and hell never find me.
#1:   (thinking this through) Hey, what do you say that when we both get out of here we get
        some coffee or something.
#3:   Sounds good. I have some of that cash left over…I’ll pick up the tab.
#1:   Good idea…
The End