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Casting about for an identity that “works” during the teen years is terribly hard. Wouldn’t it be easier if identities could be bought and sold across counter tops? If being all you could be only meant purchasing a few items at the big Identity Expo? The characters in this skit try to do just that, and in the process learn that the “basica must haves” of anyone’s identity come free.

Themes: Acceptance, Calling, Identity, Seeking God

Text: Matthew 5:13a “You are the salt of the earth.”

Setting: Expo with booths.

Note: Easy setup. Use pretend booths and have characters travel to each booth. You may want to use a real Bible in the end. They will have to imagine they are in a large convention center with lots of people and all the fanfare of an expo!

Characters: Jonathan & Katie.

Jonathan & Katie walking into the expo…

Jonathan: Well, here we are! The Identity Expo!

Katie: Look at all these people!

Jonathan: Look at all these booths! I wonder if they have anything new this year.

Katie: They always do, Jon. So many things to see and choose…

Jonathan: Right! But you can only be one thing, Katie, remember?

Someone bumps into the two.

Katie: Excuse us.

Jonathan: Sorry about that. Oh, thanks!

Katie: What’s that?

Jonathan: Just a flyer. It says (reading), “The One & Only A-1 POPULAR BOOTH! Get everything you need to make YOURSELF POPULAR this year! Want to feel like you’re it? Want to fit with the crowd that has it all? This is YOUR YEAR!” And then there’s this fine print that says, “Don’t forget to ask about our special merchandise!”

Katie: I wonder what that is?

Jonathan: Who knows? Want to go there first?

Katie: I don’t think so. See that line?! It’s always crowded over there.

Jonathan: I guess that’s why they call it the popular booth. It would be nice to see what makes you popular this year, though.

Katie: That line is going to take FOREVER. Let’s see what else is here.

Walking a little further.

Katie: Look, Jonathan! You could go to the Athletic Booth!

Jonathan: I’m not really that athletic.

Katie: Who cares! All you need to do is look like an athlete. Look at those Letter Jackets!

Jonathan: Don’t you have to actually earn a letter in a sport or something?

Katie: Not here, Johnny boy! You can buy your letter! What do you think? Jon the Jock!

Jonathan: How about Katie the Cheerleader! Pick up some pom-poms and you’re it!

Both laughing and starting to walk again.

Jonathan: Katie, wait! Let me ask them something at this Athletic Booth. I see it says “Ask about the ‘special’ merchandise” – just like at the Popular Booth.

Jonathan goes over to the Athletic Booth and pretends to talk to someone and comes right back.

Katie: What is it?

Jonathan: He said it depends on the booth, but generally it’s body or mind enhancing drugs. He said all the booths, except for one, decided to carry “special merchandise” this year.

Katie: You have to be kidding me! I thought that stuff was banned!

Jonathan: Not any more.

Walking a little further.

Jonathan: Oh, there you go! This is your booth! The Geek Booth!

Katie: Pleeeese! Hey, you can get a Star Wars case for your phone! Wow! Why not be a geek this year? Hey! And you can sell papers and grades and make a little cash!

Jonathan: Yeah, right! I don’t think so. (Both looking around.) I just don’t know, Katie. I know I want to BE SOMETHING! I don’t want to just disappear at school like I did last year.

Katie: Hey, I think I heard that crowd had a booth this year, too.

Both look around some more.

Jonathan: I don’t see it.

Katie: Hmmm, me, neither.

Walking a little further then pointing.

Katie: Now what’s this? What kind of booth is this?

Jonathan: Not many people around…

Katie: From here it doesn’t look they have much stuff.

Jonathan: Let’s check it out.

Walking up to the booth.

Katie: Maybe they’re closed. Looks deserted.

Jonathan: What’s this? A Bible and a note?

Katie: What’s the name of this booth?

Jonathan: It doesn’t say. But this note says “Make this your first and last stop at the expo. Your identity comes from God alone. HE HAS MADE YOU SALT!”

Katie: Nothing to sell here?

Jonathan: Nope. There’s a passage marked, “But now thus says the LORD, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you,

O Israel: ‘Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine,’ Isaiah 43:1.” (Closing the Bible.) I guess this really is the best place to start. What really matters is what God says you are, anyway.

Katie: Let’s go. Let’s just be who we are. God will take care of the rest!

Jonathan: You’re right. (Starting to walk back.) I wouldn’t mind taking another look at that Star Wars case…

Katie: For real?

Jonathan: Just kidding. Just kidding.

Published at in September 2005, updated May 2016