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All Things New: Youth Workers – Teachers or Librarians?

Are parents supporting your work, or are you supporting their work in growing their child’s faith? Continue reading

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All Things New: Delegating Discipleship

Who is doing the work of discipleship, and how can you encourage parents to take on the responsibility for their kids? Continue reading

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Using Parents as Ministry Volunteers

Parents can, and do, have a huge influence in the lives of youth, so involve them in your youth ministry! Continue reading

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All Things New: Do Today’s Families have Room for Church?

Families need Jesus. They can’t afford to not fit church into their schedule. Continue reading

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Equipping Parents to be Faith Leaders in the Home

Churches can be proactive in helping parents rise to their God-given responsibility for their childrens’ spiritual development. Continue reading

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Betwixt: Getting Along with Parents AND Youth

Betwixt: Getting Along with Parents AND Youth

Do’s and Don’t’s on working with parents and youth Continue reading

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Betwixt: Phrases Youth Leaders Never Want to Hear

Betwixt: Phrases Youth Leaders Never Want to Hear

There are phrases youth workers never want to hear. These are a few of them. Continue reading

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Let’s Lead – Parents and Youth Ministry

Parents are one of God’s greatest gifts to the church, for without parents there would be no need for future planning boards, no need for Sunday School, and certainly no need for youth ministry. Continue reading

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Real Outreach: Lost Youth? Reach Parents

Real Outreach: Lost Youth? Reach Parents

When you reach a parent with the Gospel, you reach an entire home.
Continue reading

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Review: Partnering with Parents

Review: Partnering with Parents

Working with parents can be an elusive task for the youth worker. We like having parents around, but don’t always know what to do with them. The book Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry offers some suggestions. Continue reading

0 Comments / 49 View / August 4, 2008