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Devotion: A Messy Christmas

This Christmas, let’s worry less about our flub-ups, hassles, and drama. Continue reading

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Devotion: Called to Rejoice

We are called to rejoice greatly. Continue reading

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Devotion: How to Find the Perfect Gift

This passage from James tells us everything we need to know about finding the perfect gift. Continue reading

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Devotion: Christmas Traditions: Keep It, Can It, or Recreate It?

If our Christmas has become filled with activities that crowd out seeking God to the point that our whole being doesn’t long for Him, it’s time to make some changes. Continue reading

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Christmas Resources

Christmas resources for use with youth. Continue reading

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Christmas Drama: Glory Be

At Christmas a new definition of glory presented itself: all man all God with hunger and human hair and a heartbeat. Continue reading

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Bible Study: The Glory in You

a Christmas Bible study on God’s glory Continue reading

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Middle School Event: A Pre-Christmas Party for Preschoolers

by E. Steven Sonnenberg Download a PDF of this Middle School Event: A Pre-Christmas Party for Preschoolers. This activity is divided into three phases. The first phase is the planning session, the second is the party and the third is…

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Christmas Worship: It Is Not Far to Bethlehem

“It Is Not Far to Bethlehem” presents an opportunity for youth leadership in a traditional Christmas worship format. Continue reading

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Bible Study: Inns, Stables and Hearts

a Christmas Bible study about compassion Continue reading

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