Leaders working with youth have an essential and often challenging task. Ministry with teen students requires a balance of authentic care, quick-witted humor, flexibility, and patience, all covered with abundant prayer. Those who teach in youth settings must be equipped and prepared for the task. They also need to connect with and encourage others who hold similar roles.

The purpose of these devotions is to provide a resource of thought-provoking inspiration for youth leaders. The meditations are intended to open a group meeting for adults. Board meetings might take place online or in-person, weekly or monthly or quarterly. Regardless of specifics, an opening devotion serves to orient the group around the task at hand, emphasizing the importance of putting our minds on God first and foremost.

The scriptures and thoughts within these openers focus on the life and writings of the Apostle Paul. As a dedicated servant of Christ, Paul is a brilliant example for youth leaders. He went through tremendous difficulties and remained steadfast in his proclamation of the Gospel and his ministry to the church. Paul served as a mentor to younger pastors and believers, encouraging them in the faith. He was also supported and encouraged by friends and others around him. Paul’s epistles and actions offer great insight and wisdom for those in spiritual leadership.

Devotion Series

Devotion One: Strength in Weakness

Devotion Two: Encouraging and Equipping Young Leaders

Devotion Three: Support and Stability

Devotion Four: Modern Day Epistles