Here’s something new from youthESource: a Bible study for adults! Families, and parents especially, have a huge impact on a child’s faith formation. Use this Bible study with the parents of your youth to strengthen families and equip parents.

Overview: The current reality of most of our families, within our church communities, and within the surrounding communities, is that we do not fit what we read in the Bible as God’s design of family! There are struggles between a husband and wife that pull them apart. There are job requirements that hinder the role of dad, or mom, in raising their own children. Some families are blended families, single parent families, two parent families that are highly dysfunctional, parents desiring children but unable to have them, and countless other ways that our households don’t fit what is too often referred to as the “Biblical design for family”.

This Bible study will start with looking at the Scriptures to see:

  • God’s design for families in the Garden of Eden, and how the fall into sin impacted that reality.
  • The roles of the members of each household and what we say and do in a society that doesn’t always encourage these Biblical roles.
  • How the good news of forgiveness in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection transforms our own families and households.
  • How this Gospel transformation impacts our families for generations to come.

Use of Study: This study has been written for adults, whether single, engaged, married, with children or without children, or older generations looking to support and build up the next generation of families in their worshipping community.

Every part of this study is written for the purpose of conversation, accountability, and the opportunity to bring Christ’s good news of forgiveness and hope into a household and family that may be struggling with their own reality. While looking at the Biblical foundation of family, especially in Genesis as God created Adam and Eve, it is important to remember that because of the fall into sin, no household is perfect, nor can we ever be perfect. Every household, every family, in some way, has fallen short of God’s design (Romans 6:23-24), and needs His mercy and grace. Use this as a connection point between each other, not a point of separation.

Download a PDF of the Leader’s Guide of the God’s Design for Families Bible Study Series.

Download a PDF of the Participant’s Guide of the God’s Design for Families Bible Study Series.