While most of us do not want to push our children toward any particular career, it is important for us to help them learn about the variety of career options available and to help them seek God’s will for their lives. If God is calling your child to a professional church work career, The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod has a variety of options for both men and women.

Pastor: Men who are trained and ordained as pastors serve and lead in many ways. They can serve congregations, as chaplains in the military or institutions, as campus pastors, missionaries in other countries, in synod or district administrative positions, or as teachers at a university or seminary.

Teacher at a Lutheran School: People who teach at Lutheran schools teach about the Bible and our Christian faith accurately and effectively while also teaching other subjects.

Deaconess means “servant”. Women who serve as deaconesses are trained to share the gospel through acts of human care and mercy in congregations, hospitals, and other institutions.

Director of Christian Education: DCEs work with pastors to facilitate and nurture Christian education of all ages in churches, schools and camps.

Director of Family Life Ministry: These church workers are trained to develop and implement programs in congregations that nurture healthy relationships in families while also sharing the gospel.

Director of Christian Outreach: DCOs are trained to educate, mobilize and support congregation members in evangelism and assimilating new members.

Director of Parish Music: These professionals use their musical talent to enhance worship and life in a congregation. In addition to working with their pastor to plan music for worship, they plan music for special events like VBS, concerts and Christmas programs. They also organize and lead choirs and instrumental groups for children, youth and adults.

Parish Nurse: These are RNs who nurture the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of people in their congregation and community.

Missionary: While any of the above church workers might serve as a missionary, people with other vocations can get training from our synod to also serve as short-term or long-term missionaries around the world, using their skills in teaching, medicine, business, construction or just about anything else along with sharing the good news about Jesus.

Lay Minister/Lay Deacon: Men who serve in these positions work under the supervision of an ordained pastor to perform various pastoral tasks in their congregations.

For more information, visit http://www.lcms.org/careers-in-church-work & https://www.lcms.org/health/parishnursing