Type/Purpose: Ideas, Seasonal—Spring

The following are simple activities based on various days in March. Use them as idea starters, meeting starters, supplements, etc.


  • Play Sacrifice tag: Play a game of freeze tag in a marked off area. To unfreeze, simply touch the player to unfreeze them. After you unfreeze 4 people, you become frozen, until somebody unfreezes you. Continue play, changing who is “it” often, until excitement is at a peak.

Pi Day. (March 14. (3.14))

  • Eat Pie (Apple, pizza, pot, etc.). Plan a devotion on Colossians 3:1-4.

St. Patrick’s Day: (March 17):

  • Get oat cereal with marshmallows in it (Lucky …). Divide the group into teams, pour the cereal into a bowl. There should be one bowl of cereal for each team. Give each player a toothpick, and teams race to spear all the marshmallows out of the bowl.
  • Use the marshmallows as Irish Hot Chocolate garnish (peppermint extract in hot chocolate mix).

March Madness:

  • Set up an outlined simple obstacle course in a room. Place chairs to go over, tables to go over, blockcades to go around, etc. The group will be shown a start point, the course, an end point, and a basketball. The group must place themselves among the course, and the basketball will be bounced from player to player, maneuvering the ball around the course. The players must remain stationary, and the ball can only be passed via one bounce. Time their effort, and allow them to try a few more times to beat their time.

Chip and Dip Day (March 23):

  • No ideas necessary.