What’s in a name? Were you named after your mother or father? Maybe you proudly honor a grandparent? Perhaps you are named after a famous celebrity, or even a complete stranger? I think the more significant question is: To whom do you belong?

“But now, this is what the LORD says –
     He who created you, O Jacob,
     He who formed you, O Israel:
     “Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
     I have summoned you by NAME; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1(NIV)

Without our identification as His…

          We are anonymous.

          We are sinful beings not worth mention or care.

          We are nothing.

Without belief in God and His love, we may have a name, but our identity exists only on this earth. But God’s LOVE NAMES US! He identifies us as HIS OWN, through the promise and deliverance of our Savior! Through the sacrifice of His only son, Jesus Christ, we are NAMED as His children, dearly loved and given the promise of eternal life!

HIS NAME is Jesus Christ.  The NAME to know and to share with others!

With God’s LOVE, through His Son, we are NAMED now and for eternity…we are HIS forever!

Prayer –

Dear God, thank you for sending your Son, our Savior to die so that we may live and be your children! Thank you loving us and giving us identity in Jesus Christ. Help us to share His beloved name and Good News with everyone we meet, so that they may know the promise of eternal life, too!