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Do you have an idea for a Bible study or skit? Are you an experienced youth worker or a subject matter expert and want to share your thoughts with others? Consider writing for YouthESource!

YouthESource is LCMS Youth Ministry’s resource website. We are always looking for new ideas and new writers. Below is information about our site and our writer’s guidelines.

Our Audience

YouthESource has resources for all aspects of congregational youth ministry. We want to resource a broad audience that care for the faith lives of teens including parents, Sunday school teachers, camp staff, young leaders and more. Some articles target a particular segment of this audience, but most articles are written towards volunteer lay leaders, since they make up the majority of those leading congregational youth ministry in our churches.

Types of Resources

We typically plan resources 6-12 months in advance with a specific focus for each month. Currently we are focusing on the following kinds of resources

  • Articles are between 600-1200 words that are designed to encourage, resource and train youth leaders on topics around congregational youth ministry.
  • Bible Studies are scripture focused resources to be used in youth ministry with each session structured for 45-60 minutes. Bible studies should include leader’s notes so that anyone can use the resource without needing special training.
  • Conversation Guides are written using a pattern provided and be on a topic that is of high interest to teens. They are a guideline and support, rather than a full study and are no more than two pages. These should be designed to be used by youth leaders who need resources when youth desire to take on a difficult topic.
  • Devotions can be for either youth or youth leaders. These are typically around 500-600 words with a specific scripture focus, prayer and 1-2 journal questions.
  • Skits should be written to be between 5-10 minutes long with both dialogue and direction for use in youth ministry.
  • Word One Bible Studies are a collection of studies based on the weekly Lectionary readings. These follow a specific writing pattern and verses which will be sent before you begin development.

To pitch your resource idea for youthESource, please contact the editor at youthesource@lcms.org.

Editorial Policies

We offer a modest payment for most things published on YouthESource. The payment amount depends on the type of resources as well as the intensity of the project (length, time frame, etc.). Every author will be contracted by the LCMS and be paid after their resource passes Doctrinal Review.

We only publish articles and resources that have not been published previously elsewhere. We ask authors to allow us unrestricted rights to print and online use of the content, meaning we can republish articles and resources elsewhere, provided YouthESource is cited as the site of original publication.

Review Process

All articles and resources published on YouthESource must be in agreement with Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions. Toe ensure this, all submissions to YouthESource go through Doctrinal Review process. If changes are needed to bring the submission in line with Scripture and Lutheran doctrine, the editor will work with the author to make those changes. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for grammar, tone, style and doctrine.

Contact Us

If you would like to write for us, please reach out. We can include you in the semi-regular email listing upcoming writing needs, send an email to youthesource@lcms.org. The email generally goes out 4-6 times a year.. Or email us to pitch your idea. We are always open to hearing about potential resources.

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