Author: Zach Zender

Questions for God: My friend is gay, now what?

This is a difficult, confrontational and complex topic. I am not going to address the entire issue of homosexuality in this short article, rather I will focus on the relational aspects of the issue. To put it a different way , I will be discussing how you can respond to a loved one when they tell you they are gay. Some of you will probably think I don’t go far enough in what I write, others of you may think I go too far. And I’m okay with that. Hopefully it sparks more conversation. It is important to affirm...

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Questions for God: Is it okay that I feel awkward when I talk about God?

Jesus liked to talk in parables…many times he talked to farmers and so he used examples from agriculture. He spoke in a way in which they understood. I’ve paraphrased his parable of The Sower from Matthew 13:3-8, with a young adult audience in mind. And he told them many things in parables, saying, “A young adult went to log on to Facebook. And as he was Facebook stalking all his friends, he decided to go nuts and poke everybody on his friend list. As he was doing this, some pokes fell among his friends who didn’t really understand Facebook…these...

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