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On Campus: Distractions

Do you ever feel distracted? I know I do all the time. It seems as if I have a good amount of free time and then all of a sudden, I have to rush to do school work or anything else that’s important. Why!? Because I get so easily distracted by TV, video games, hanging out with friends, and etc. that I forget what’s important until the last minute. I don’t know about you, but for me, the same thing happens when it comes to focusing on God. I have so much time I could devote to him but...

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Devotion: For He Himself is Our Peace

We all know as college students how difficult it can be to keep up with current events. I’ll be the first to admit that deciding to pick up that newspaper or turn on the news channel just isn’t as desirable as turning on Netflix and passing away what’s left of the evening with a *insert favorite Netflix show* marathon and a late night bowl of cereal. When I do see news about what’s happening in the world on TV, Facebook, or internet headlines, honestly it looks scary and saddening, sometimes angering. To be sure, it’s not all doom and...

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Devotion: Which Masks Do You Wear?

Last week was homecoming at Concordia University. The theme for this year was “Masquerade” and there was a colorful display of masks to be seen at the dance. Prior to the dance there was an event where everyone who wished to could make a mask for the dance. Fun pictures of classmates in masks were all over Facebook. Everyone’s mask was different and it was fun to see how each mask was unique and matched the person wearing it so well. Just a couple of days before, I had been reading on vocation in Gene Edward Veith’s book The...

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