Author: Bob Hiller

Media Review: Stockholm Syndrome

Contemporary Christian music does not have the reputation of being controversial. In fact, when Christian artists typically try to say something controversial, they tend to do it in a way that ironically makes their hearers feel encouraged or empowered. The themes are too often “positive and encouraging.” This is why I thank God for Derek Webb. He is honest, frank, and, like a good rock’n’roller should be, shocking. But, all the while, he is faithful to the message of the Scriptures. Like the prophet Amos attacking the idolatrous comfort of ancient Israel, Webb’s music is an assault on complacent,...

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Book Review: Power, Politics and the Missouri Synod

Power, Politics and the Missouri Synod by James C. Burkee Who is excited to read a book about the history of the LCMS? Show of hands…none of you. Well, then, perhaps this is a pointless book to review. But, let me make a case for reading the history of our church body. As young adults we are gaining more responsibilities. Not only is this true in our homes and in our places of work, but also in our churches. Soon, we are going to be called upon to be spiritual leaders within the places where God has us worship...

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