Media Review: The Unbelievers Starring Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss I am not a brilliant guy. I struggled through my logic courses in college. Science is way outside my field of expertise. I can keep up with some philosophical conversation…but not for very long. So, to be fully honest, I get nervous when it comes […]
I have quite the internal struggle during the Christmas season. It is a constant debate that rages in my head and in my heart. I cannot ever decide what my favorite Christmas movie is: Elf or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The answer usually ends up being whichever one I am watching at the time. And, […]
One of my main objectives in writing reviews is to help us think a little more deeply about the music we are putting in our ears. Every song conveys a message and that message is going to impact the way we think. Our God is a God who has chosen to create and sustain faith […]
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