What an Awesome Event!

Words shared after a big youth event can really excite you about all the time and effort you have put into making it happen.  But where do we go from here?  How do we build on this moment and move forward?

An element of youth ministry that is often overlooked can be summed up in two words: BE INTENTIONAL! The summer months are a great time to utilize those words as a goal for moving forward after a big event, or in your planning for the upcoming school year.

Right now is a great time to be intentional as you:


When you have spent a lot of time and resource on any bigger programmatic event, be sure to review how it helped you to meet key goals for your youth.  Assessing key pieces of the event can ensure that you get the most out of this big event and the next.

  • What did you do before the event to make the event or activity that you did so effective?
  • Were you intentional about building community for the event? What do you want to continue? What could you have done better?
  • What has brought you to where you are right now?
  • What occurred at the event that stood out for you and your group as talking points for the future? Remember God Is In ALL Things.  Don’t just examine the good things that occurred, but perhaps some of the challenges as well.   (If your event has yet to happen, keep these questions in mind during the event.)
  • What can we intentionally build on, or what do we need to intentionally address?


Hopefully during a longer, more intense time with your youth you learned a lot about them, their lives and what God is doing in and through them. This time allows you to have a better idea of what you want to do going forward.

  • What are the needs of your group moving forward? A big event really provides the opportunity to see your group as they are.  You get particular insight into hopes, struggles, family dynamics and more, especially through the Bible Studies and the one-on-one talks you will have.  Use what you have discovered to intentionally help the group set goals and objectives for themselves, and for the group.
  • It’s all about COMMUNITY! Take time to work with your group around the question of how we become more intentional about welcoming new people.  In the fall, a new class will be joining your program.   They did not experience the “Awesome Event”. How do you become intentional about incorporating them and welcoming them into the group?
  • Speaking about community, how can you become more intentional about:
    • Reminding your group they are part of a bigger community – your church!
    • Set goals to thank your church for their support!
    • Help your group explore ways to help and serve others in your church.
  • Intentionally talk to your pastor, leaders in the congregation, and the congregation itself about what made the event so memorable. Ask for their help, ideas and prayers as you intentionally plan to move forward with your students.


Any program in youth ministry should be covered in prayer. We want God to be active as we study God’s Word, travel together, engage new people and more. In prayer we are reminded that all that we do for young people is through the work of the Holy Spirit because God first loved us in Jesus.  

  • Intentionally make prayer a regular part of your day! Pray for your:
    • Students
    • Families
    • Congregation
    • Yourself

Give thanks to God that through His power, and the loving grace of Jesus Christ, and the Spirit allowing us to be His tool, that we have had such a great experience. Help us to remember to see God in ALL THINGS as we move forward. To God be the Glory!