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Family…we’ve all got one. We are a part of one and it is a part of us. Whether we like it or not, our family is our people. We are knit together by the closest of ties.

Family is a gift of God. These foundational relationships have been established by God, and he created family to be a blessing to those who are a part of it.

There are two goals for these studies.

  • First, you’ll learn about the family more generally from the Creator of the family as you listen to what his Word has to say about family.
  • Second, you’ll learn more about your own family specifically as you listen to one another talk about who you are as a family.

This series of three studies is intended to be used together by parents and children. You’ll notice there are questions for parents, questions for kids, and questions for all. Share your responses together and see how the Lord leads you as you discuss.

This series has three sessions

  • Session One: Man and Woman

Your family began as one relationship – the relationship between your mom and dad. This relationship continues to be part of the foundation for the entire family. When this relationship flourishes, every other relationship in the family can be strengthened. We start with that relationship in this series.

  • Session Two: Parents and Children

The relationship between parents and children is another relationship that matters deeply to God. It’s not always clear that these relationships are a gift to both parents and children, especially during high school years. All relationships suffer under the curse of sinful brokenness, but it seems like the relationships between parents and children can be especially strained. Yet, as we said before, the relationship between parents and children is intended to be a gift to everyone involved. Our hope is that by looking at what God’s Word has to say about parents and kids, everyone’s eyes might be opened to see more clearly that the relationship you share has been given you by God for your good.

  • Session Three: Siblings

There’s nothing quite like a sibling relationship. One moment, you can be best friends. Another moment, and you can be at each other’s throats. In this study, we zero in on the relationships between brothers and sisters, examining for ourselves what it means for us to live out these relationships well in light of what God’s Word has to say to us.

At the outset, let me acknowledge two important pieces.

First, this may be new or even a bit awkward for you. That’s okay. (Quite honestly, I would have been extremely nervous to try something like this with my parents when I was in high school.) Conversations like these around God’s Word are worth having, though. Give it a shot and see how the Lord chooses to work through his Word.

Second, not every family includes a married couple and multiple children. There are plenty of assumptions made about family structures built into these studies. Please feel free to adapt language and discussions to meet how your family has come together. This might even give a chance to discuss how sin and grace have impacted families.

May the Lord who brought you together by his wisdom bless you as you open the Scriptures!

Download the Bible Study Leader Guide Here.