“God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved;
God will help her when morning dawns.”
(Psalm 46:5)

Help has come. Our Real. Present. God. has sent Christ Jesus into our midst to be our salvation. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings us—and our neighbors—help in the hardest of situations. He creates, redeems, and calls every human life to be His own precious treasure. His crucified-and-risen forgiving grace gives each of us worth and purpose.

This study, Real. Present. God. In Life Issues!, explores sensitive and serious topics such as abortion, assisted suicide, and ethical disagreements. This three-part study helps to make sense of God’s truth and promises regarding human life. Participants will come away from this study with the realization that life issues involve so much more than political issues or personal choices.

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The session topics include:

  • Present. God. In Pregnancy!: Surprise pregnancies can bring tremendously difficult complications and pressures. And, yet, the blessings of God are at work in spite of the burdens.
  • Present. God. In Dying!: A terminal diagnosis raises many questions, fears, and tough decisions. When faced with a terminal diagnosis, some people may consider hastening death. Nevertheless, the powerful care of our Heavenly Father is very real and present even at life’s ending.
  • Present. God. In Controversy!: It can be hard to speak the truth in love. Many factors can make it difficult and uncomfortable to dialogue about life issues. Thankfully, we have the promise that our Savior Himself takes responsibility for our Christian witness.

The Good News of Christ Jesus offers hope and salvation to all. Nobody’s age or appearance can improve upon it. No one’s abilities or experiences can impair it. Our Real. Present. God. abides alongside us invisibly and physically in all our life-and-death realities. This hope empowers our compassion when it comes to life issues. We can proclaim and put into practice the sanctity of all life!

Download the Leader Notes.
Download the Participant Handouts.

“Real. Present. God. In Pregnancy!
Links in the study:
Bella trailer
Nicki Minaj video
wordofhope.org FAQ

“Real. Present. God. In Dying!
Links in the study:
Will Traynor/Me Before You video
Maggie Karner video

“Real. Present. God. In Controversy!
Links in the study:
Hillary Faye/Saved! video
Be Kind or Be Right video
Spider-Man video


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