Top 10 Ways to Increase Financial Resources

Hosting a servant event can be costly but the congregation or hosting organization doesn’t have to take on the whole cost. There are ways to include more people on your team to support service work in Jesus’ name.

10. Be… – Be consistent, prayerful, tenacious, credible.

9. Thank Them– Be thankful. Publicly acknowledge those who help.

8. Clarity – Be clear about what you need. ASK–in person is best!

7. Gift Card Potentials – Local Businesses such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. may be potential places to
contact for donated gift cards to use for supplies needed for your event.

6. Local – Contact local grocery stores or restaurants for donations for meals or snacks.

5. Lutheran Auxiliaries, Agencies and Recognized Service Organizations – Funding may be available through these organizations connected with your congregation or district.

4. Congregational members – Ask members to support your event. Put lists together, suggest they sponsor or adopt a project or area.

3. Mission Projects – Could your Sunday School or VBS support your event as a mission project? This could be designating
offering funds or collecting specific items.

2. Business Partners – Partner with all those you do business with–banks, supply companies, t-shirt companies, etc.

1. District – Check with your District to see if District Mission Funds are available.

Compiled by the LCMS Servant Event Committee: Rev. Barry Akers; Shelly Carlson; Linda Gage; James Lohman, DCE; Randy Ronning, DCE; Leah Sallach