By Victor Belton

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible study for Pentecost 16 C Gospel.

Text: Luke 14:25-33 for the Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost, Lectionary Series C


Participants will:

  1. Come to a great appreciation of the cost of being disciples.
  2. Be reminded of Jesus who sacrificed His life and paid the ultimate price for our sins.
  3. Remember that our free salvation cost God His only begotten, beloved Son.


Things to auction, such as penny candy, balloons, cookies, etc.

Play money to spend at auction

Indulgences made of plain paper to be auctioned that guarantee the holder a place in heaven


Small groups should have 6-8 members. Groups will be developed during the auction. Participants who bid on and purchase the same item will be assigned to the different groups. The group leaders will be those who bid the greatest amount to get the things they want. The final thing to be auctioned are the indulgences. If there are no buyers at the highest cost, lower the cost until there are some customers.


  1. What item did you purchase? How much did it cost? Why did you purchase that particular item?
  2. Do you think you received a good deal? Could you have gotten it for less? Should you have paid more?
  3. What is the best deal you have ever received?
  4. What is the most money you’ve ever seen at one time? The most you’ve ever had at one time?
  5. What is the most expensive mistake you have ever made?


  1. Read Luke 14:25. Why do you think large crowds were often attracted to Jesus? How did Jesus respond to them?
  2. Read Luke 14:26-27. What does Jesus mean?
  3. Read Mark 3:31-35. Does this passage help you to understand? How?
  4. Read Luke 14:28-30. What have you ever begun to build and been unable to finish? How does that feel?
  5. Read Luke 14:31-33. What are you willing to give up to be a disciple of Christ? What did God give up to purchase you?
  6. Is it possible to win with God against odds that seem insurmountable?


  1. How true is it that the body of Christ is one body with many members?
  2. How can you buy your way into the Kingdom of God?
  3. What did God auction to purchase His people from sin, death and hell?
  4. Complete these thoughts:
    1. To purchase me for Himself God is willing to pay . . .
    2. I am surprised that . . .
    3. Because God paid so high a price for me I will . . .


Sing the song “Jesus Loves Me.” Complete this prayer, “Because I am grateful that Jesus paid the price for me, I’m asking for the courage to sacrifice that others can know Him. Amen.”

 Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies. Updated for youthESource in August 2016