At the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering, you will have opportunities to walk the city and
observe many unique aspects of the Crescent City. Things ranging from food to religion
will be different from your hometown and daily experience. As Pastor Babin, the author
of this study, reminds us, “New Orleans is a very multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multireligious
city. Just about every form of belief and religion is represented in some form in
the city.”

As the study states, Louisiana Voodoo is a “cafeteria” religion in that followers often
pick and choose from different cultural and religious belief systems. We live in a multireligious
country in which many citizens follow a cafeteria religious system. They want to
pick a “religion” or spiritual discipline which is simply convenient or fulfills their desires
or makes them comfortable without sacrifice. These false religions pull on our desires and
thoughts as well, regardless of our time in the Christian faith. If only they were as easy to
spot as “Voodoo” signs or tourist traps connected to Voodoo in New Orleans!

Through your preparation and time in New Orleans, you will have many opportunities to
discuss belief systems present in your daily lives. By God’s grace, in that discussion you
and your youth are able to celebrate the gift of faith in the one true God and the gift of
abundant and eternal life in Jesus Christ. We pray for God’s blessings upon your study and
discussion around topics of Voodoo, evil, temptation, and the blessing of faith in Christ
above all things.

Download a PDF of the Leader’s Guide of the Bible Study: Voodoo and Christianity in NOLA.

Download a PDF of the Participant’s Guide of the Bible Study: Voodoo and Christianity in NOLA.