You wear a name tag when you go to conferences, workshops and fundraisers. You might even wear a name tag on Sunday mornings at your church. We wear name tags in settings where we expect to meet and interact with people we don’t have a relationship with…yet.
All our kids wear name tags when they come to youth events. They get a name tag as part of our check-in process. I know what you’re thinking: “Why use name tags? We all know each other.” It’s true. The kids who come regularly know one another already. But, what about the kid who comes for the first time?
It’s not just about name tags. Think through everything about your youth night (or day, or morning or whatever) from the perspective of a first or second time attendee. What’s it like for them? Who’s greeting them at the door? How do they know which door to come to? How will they learn some names & connect with other youth? Who’s inviting them back?

Using name tags is for the kids who are coming for the first time. What else will you do for those kids to make it easy to connect?

Published February 2013