Forgiveness of sins is the heart of Christianity. We usually include confession and absolution in our worship services. Why?

Forgiveness of sins is the heart of Christianity. Most churches prominently display the cross before their people. Why?

Forgiveness of sins is the heart of Christianity. Forgiveness of sins is the focus of this retreat.

That focus is worthy of great concentration and effort. Martin Luther wrote, “If the great, sublime article called the forgiveness of sins is correctly understood, it makes one a genuine Christian and gives one eternal life. This is the very reason why it must be taught in Christendom with unflagging diligence and without ceasing, so that people may learn to understand it plainly, clearly and discriminatingly. For to do so is the one, supreme and most difficult task of Christians. As long as we live here below, we shall have enough to do to learn this article. No one need look for anything new, anything higher and better.”

The retreat’s purpose is that we might be forgiven and forgiver–that we may know that we are forgiven and that we may convey forgiveness to those around us.

To reach these goals, forgiveness of sins in Christ will need to be the center of every aspect of the retreat. The retreat activities must cluster about a common center. The center is Christ.

Download a PDF of the retreat, Forgivers.