Type/Purpose: Mixer, Trivia

Consider this for your next retreat/weekend/overnight event for a unique way to do an extended mixer.

small plush turtle (or any other object), keychain size

Set-Up: NONE


  • At the beginning of the event introduce the turtle. The object is to pass the turtle from person to person throughout the event. The turtle may be passed in the following fashion:
    • The person with the turtle approaches a person without.
    • They tell that person a joke (ANY – story joke, riddle, knock knock, etc.).
    • They pass the turtle.
    • At random intervals throughout the night, when the group is together, find out who has the turtle.
    • That person wins a “Prize,” such as:
    • A Group song
    • White Elephant Gift, etc.

NOTE: Be careful with an activity like this that the event does not turn into a form of “hazing,” one person being targeted, having to do physical consequences, etc.

Extra Ideas:

  • Introduce other characters with other passing methods
    • a pigeon if the passer tells a story using the word “Binoculars”
    • a camel if the passee takes a certain snack (chips)
    • etc.