Icebreakers have a horrible reputation. Just mention the name, and you can hear audible groans and see the cringes. And typically, they tend to be just that: horrible, strewn together afterthoughts, tacked on to our events and activities because “that’s how I was taught.” But I would submit to you that there are indeed many benefits of incorporating icebreaker activities into your future Bible studies, gatherings and events. Ponder these points:

  • Beginning or supplementing your time with icebreakers encourages participants to interact and engage with each other in non-threatening ways.
  • Inevitably, you will be faced with the shy, timid, or new attendees. Icebreaker activities tend to place everybody in the same situation, thus easing the awkwardness. Sometimes the idea of “everybody doing it” can be uninhibitive and a powerful way to help all feel welcome.
  • Each time you gather, you most likely have a slightly different group. Even a change of one person can change the group dynamics, and can change how the group interacts. Consider starting your gathering with an icebreaker activity to both spark, and gauge, group interaction.