The following policy was originally published as a resource for the 2010 National LCMS Youth Gathering. Thanks to the Gathering for sharing this with thESource!
Youth have the opportunity to attend either Servant Events or National Youth Gatherings. These trips can cost up to $1,000.00 or more, making the cost factor impossible for many youth. We work to provide fundraisers in order for the youth to raise money to help offset these trip costs. The following policy is designed to enable youth and their families to take responsibility in the raising of funds for the events in which they will participate:
  • Events for the summer must be publicized by [a certain date] and will be the events for which the year’s fundraisers can be used.
  • Every Servant Event or Youth Gathering will have a non-refundable deposit, due upon registration and not to exceed 20% of the total trip cost.
  • When a youth registers for the event they will receive an estimate on how much their financial responsibility for the trip will be.
  • Beyond the deposit, the youth and their families have a financial responsibility to pay for the rest of their trip. This responsibility can be taken care of through a cash or check payment or through fundraisers.
  • Three months before the trip, or no later than early booking for the trip, 50% of the money must be raised or paid by the youth or family. (Early booking may include airfare, hotels, car rental, etc.)
  • Three weeks before the trip 100% of the money must be raised or paid by the youth or family.
  • Each fundraiser has a set guideline for how money is to be distributed.
  • The church will provide the opportunities for the youth to raise the funds, but this policy puts the responsibility for the success of the fundraisers upon the participation from the youth and their families.
I have read and understand the fundraising policy of _____________________________. By signing below I understand our families’ financial responsibilities and _________________________ responsibilities to partner with us in providing fundraisers.
Youth Signature ______________________________ Date: ___________
Parent Signature _______________________________ Date: ___________
Minister to Senior Youth ___________________________ Date: ___________
Thanks to Jeremy Becker for the Concordia Kirkwood Senior Youth Fundraising Policy!