Type/Purpose: Off-Site, Scavenger Hunt


  • Pre-select a location to conduct the activity: malls, public park, etc.
  • Decide ahead of time how many small groups (groups of 3-8) there will be. For each group, you will need:
    • A t-shirt
    • Duct tape
    • At least 1 adult chaperone
    • A list of around 30 items that the groups will be looking for. The list will vary depending on locale.
      • Think smaller items: leaves, menu brochures, condiment packages, 27 cents, etc.

Set-Up: Upon arrival, break into small groups.


  • Before start, have each group select 1 person to be the flypaper. Have that person put on the t-shirt and direct the other group members to place duct tape circles on them.
  • The group will have a pre-selected amount of time (15 minutes?) to find as many of these items as possible. When they have found them, they will stick the item on the flypaper person.
  • The group must stay together.
  • The items MUST NOT be from within the group (for example, if the item is 27 cents, they can’t fish through their own pockets to find some).
  • For every correct item, the group will get 10 points.
  • For every minute the group is late in returning to the pre-designated meeting spot, they will lose 10 points.
  • Remind the group of proper conduct.

Extra ideas:

  • At the activity’s conclusion, share stories and experiences.
  • Include a couple of list items that are worth more points: (a signed personal business card, a picture).
  • Instead of a shirt, use a hat, pants, etc. with adhesive all over it.