Type/Purpose: Miscellaneous, Outdoor

Materials: Blindfold for each participant

Set-Up: Take participants to a good flat location outdoors (or in a large gym).


  • The group is to work together to form the symbol that you are naming.
    • Start small: circle, figure eight, addition symbol, etc.
    • Then try advanced: hockey stick, bowl of cereal, cow, Florida
  • Give them one to two minutes for each shape, counting down at crucial times, and allow them to remove blindfolds after each one to see where they’re at.

Extra ideas:

  • After you do a few, allow some participants to go outside of the group and call out a few things.
  • Break the group into a few small groups, and have them race to get the shape first (you can do this with or without blindfolds)

Teachable Moment: Devotion/Bible study ideas may include: spiritual blindness, Jesus healing the blind, community, etc.