Type/Purpose: High Tech


  • Advertising: ALERT YOUTH a couple of weeks to a week ahead of time to bring in their digital music players OR a CD with one song that they really enjoy or that’s particularly meaningful to them.
  • CD player and way to play the music (iPod docking station, stereo with audio input, etc.)

Set-Up: As youth come in, ask them to select the song they want to play, and then pause it. Have them mark their name on the devices or CD’s with a sticky note.


  • For each of the songs, select 3 possible candidates for who might have brought the song (1 of which is the actual person), play the song, and let the group decide who it might be.
  • Announce who the person is, and ask them to share why the song is enjoyable/meaningful.
  • Go through as many people as you have time for.

NOTES: This activity has the potential to be a very positive OR very negative experience.

  • When announcing that the participants bring songs, make sure to be as restrictive as you need to be, and ask them to not bring in songs with explicit lyrics, songs describing sexual positions, etc.
  • You may need to recruit a couple of youth/adults who are familiar with music to look at the songs as they arrive to weed out the ones that may be explicit
  • For youth who may have forgotten, stream songs from the internet for listening (extra supplies needed)

Extra Ideas:

  • Instead of sharing in the large group format, break up into small groups, and have groups share songs that way. Have each participant keep their headphones, and plug in to each others’ devices the song.
  • Instead of general song, have each participant bring their favorite funny song, spiritual song, etc.
  • This might be a great activity for a road trip.

Teachable Moments:

  • This activity has the potential to be very meaningful as music is one way to get an insight into the personalities of your group. At the end of the activity, have a discussion about the power of music, and how it can affect/motivate/describe us
  • Follow up with a devotion or study of the Psalms or other songs in Scripture
  • After sharing their favorite songs, call for favorite Scriptures. Have a discussion on how recalling our favorite songs is easy while recalling Scripture might not be as much so.