“While they were there [in Bethlehem], the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her first born, a son. She wrapped him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.” (Luke 2:6-7)

Do you ever feel like there’s “no room in the inn” for you? Maybe as you walk down the halls each day you look around at all the different groups…

The “jocks”

The “goths.”

The “loners.”

The “band geeks.”

The “choir kids.”

The “nerds.”

The “popular ones.”

All these groups, yet it seems like you don’t fit anywhere.

This can be extremely discouraging. However, even when everyone says “no room for you here,” God promises to provide a place for you. Just as he did for Mary and Joseph on the night Jesus was born, God will direct you to the perfect place around people who will accept you for who you truly are.

Think for a moment about the night of Jesus’ birth; most of the people in Bethlehem simply went about their business as usual. As all the “important,” “popular” people were likely fast asleep in their cozy hotel beds, they were completely oblivious to the fact that the Messiah, the Savior of the World, was just outside in the stable. However, there were some people that took notice of Jesus that night, some simple shepherds out in the fields, watching their sheep. As soon as they heard of Jesus’ birth they ran to see the Savior and then couldn’t wait to tell others about who they had seen.

While we’d sometimes hope to be in the “inn”-crowd, God may choose to place us in the stable. However, if that’s what He does, it’s because He knows there will be people who will accept us for who we really are and who won’t be able to wait to tell others about the gift that we are to the world. Just like the people in the inn that night likely missed the fact that the Messiah was born just outside, people may look past the greatness in you, but God never does! He created you on purpose with a purpose.

The Father walked with Jesus all the way to the cross so that Christ could fulfill His purpose on this earth, to save the world from sin. God walks with you, helping you to fulfill the purpose He has for you, which is ultimately to point people to Christ, the babe in a manger, the man on the cross, the Savior of the world.

So don’t get discouraged when you get told, “no room in the inn.” Instead, look to Immanuel, God with Us, and remember you are never alone, and He will provide a perfect place for you!

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for who you’ve made me to be. Help me to remember that even when other people don’t see the gifts I have to offer, you do. Just as you walked with Jesus every step of the way, walk with me until I find the place where I fit. In Jesus’ name, Amen.