Type/Purpose: Ideas, Outdoor, Seasonal—Summer

In the early summer, many congregations have celebrations for high schoolers graduating and junior highers coming up to the high school program. These ideas are the perfect excuse for a barbecue. Nothing says camaraderie like grilled meat, music in the background, outdoor activities, and times to connect.

  • Ask graduating high schoolers to come up with a signature burger, and include them in the offerings for food.
  • Ask participants to bring one topping, and create a massive topping bar. Encourage them to be creative.
  • Encourage families to come to the event, and have a best baked beans or barbecue sauce contest, asking the parents to compete.
  • Encourage youth and families to participate in the preparing of the food as much as possible.
  • Board games and/or swimming.
  • Include a Bible study on fellowship.