Type/Purpose: Ideas, Seasonal—Spring

  • Have a Hoppy Relay: Players hop from one end of playing area to the other, then hop back, tagging the next in line.
  • Do an eco-friendly egg toss, giving each pair of partners a plastic egg weighted with silly putty, or similar heavy material.
    • Players form two lines, with partners standing apart from other.
    • On go, players toss their eggs to their partners. Any pair that has a dropped or cracked egg is removed from play.
    • Remaining players take a step back and toss their eggs again.
    • Play continues til one pair remains.
  • Host a blind tasting, having individuals taste a regular candy versus its “Easter-themed” version. See if they can guess which is the normal version.
  • Discuss the origins of Easter as an American holiday (additional research is required).
  • Read the Passion story.