Type/Purpose: Board/Card Game, Community Builder, Event/Activity


  • A large room with table space for 4 to 6 players to sit around.
  • A Board or card game for each player (think ones that may take some time, and are more or less common)
  • Uno, Sorry, Clue, Phase 10, Monopoly, Bingo, etc.
  • A leader or someone who knows how to play each game, stationed at the table that has the game.


  • Find a leader or player who knows how to play each game to sit at that game’s table. Divide up the other players so that between 4 and 6 players are at each game, and that there are at least four games being played at one time.


  • Begin playing the games, and if a group finishes, encourage them to start a new round.
  • After about 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes, pause each of the groups. Half of the group (except for the game expert previously chosen) needs to stand up, and disperse, rotating to another game.
  • Encourage players from previous groups to not “clump” together, but to go to separate games.
  • Players will resume the role and playing position of the person whose seat they took, and play continues.
  • Play for as long as you like, or until the longer games (Monopoly, Phase 10, etc.) have progressed quite a bit.

Extra Ideas:

  • For smaller groups, or to change it up, play with two-player games. Games such as Checkers, Connect Four, Battleship, Jenga, Old Maid, Go Fish, etc. would work well.
  • If there is most likely not an “expert” at each table to explain the game to players who have never played, choose easy to explain games that most players would know.
  • Make a night of it:
    • Encourage participants to come dressed up as their favorite board game character.
    • Order food from Unos, Dominos, Checkers, etc. or eat Go Fish Sticks, Sorry Nachos, etc.

Teachable Moments:

  • Discuss what it was like to take somebody else’s position.
  • Discuss how Jesus took our sinfulness upon Himself on the Cross.