Type/Purpose: Artistic, Ball/Throwable Objects, Seasonal–Winter


  • Card Stock–1 piece for each participant
  • Scissors

Set-Up: Give each of the participants a piece of card stock, and ask them all to make a snowflake out of it. After they have made them, divide the group into 2 or 3 groups (or more, depending on size of your group), and take them to an open space (like a gym or fellowship hall). Ask the participants to form lines with their group behind a common start line.

Play: The first player from each team will hurl their snow flake as far as they can. Whoever goes the furthest gets 20 points, next is 10, third is 5, etc. They then retrieve their snowflakes and go to the end of the line. Play resumes until all have thrown.

Extra Ideas:

  • Have more than one round. The second round involves throwing behind your back, the third is between your legs. Or try it with your non-dominant hand, cross-eyed, standing on one leg, on your knees, etc.
  • Turn it into a relay, where you have to throw your snowflake, then go to it, pick it up again, and keep throwing until it gets to a common end point. Then throw it back until it gets back to your group.