Type/Purpose: Artistic, Seasonal–Winter


  • A good supply of each of the following:
    • Beads that fit on pipe cleaners
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Glue, Glitter, Markers, Construction Paper, Scissors
    • Yarn, Popsicle Sticks, Rubber Bands
    • Pine Cones
  • Handkerchiefs/Blindfolds (one for each participant)
  • Your favorite Christmas music and a device for playing it

Set-Up: Set up a table or two where you can place all the supplies, and set up chairs around the tables so that everyone has access to the materials.


  • Before bringing out the supplies, have the participants sit in the chairs, then blindfold each of them. Let them know that they will have 15 minutes to create their own Christmas Ornaments. They may ask others at their table for ideas, or share their own, but may not remove their blindfolds until the time is done. During that time, feel free to play some music (but not so loud that conversation can’t take place among them).
  • After the time, ask a couple participants to share what they made. Additionally, you may ask:
    • How did your creation differ from what you were picturing blindfolded?
    • How did your creation reflect your personality/uniqueness?
    • What was the experience like?
    • Etc.

Extra Ideas:

  • Save time at the end for participants to create ornaments again, but this time they can see.
  • Hang the ornaments in your youth room/area as a reminder of uniqueness.
  • Instead of ornaments, have different shaped sugar cookies set out with a frosting and sprinkle bonanza. Eat and repeat.