Type/Purpose: Artistic, Obstacle Course/Relay/Race, Seasonal–Fall

The following idea is a relay. Figure about 10 participants per group.


  • A bag of licorice
  • A box of toothpicks
  • Each group will need:
    • 2 flyswatters
    • 3 pumpkins of increasingly larger sizes
    • 2 small rubber balls
    • A baseball cap

Set-Up: Mark off your playing field of how far away participants will run. At the end of the field, for each group, form a pile containing all the items noted for each group, as well as a small handful of toothpicks and a strand of licorice. Additionally, cut off the stems from the 2 largest pumpkins in each group, and place those in the pile as well.


  • On “Go,” the players will take turns assembling the snowman in order. They will run to the set-up field, add an element, and run back, tagging the next player.
    • Set up the largest pumpkin as a base.
    • Place the next largest on top.
    • Place the smallest on top.
    • Put on the baseball cap.
    • Using toothpicks and one of the stems, adhere the nose.
    • Use toothpick and a rubber ball to make an eye.
    • Repeat for the other eye.
    • Using a few toothpicks and the licorice, form the mouth.
    • Use a toothpick and a flyswatter to attach an arm.
  • Repeat for the other arm.

Notes: Relays naturally foster competition, and also tend to utilize working together and encouragement. For smaller groups, have participants get back in line to finish the process. Or consider just turning it into an abstract art project, and remember the photo ops. Use the pumpkins for carving and/or harvesting the seeds.