“But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.” -John 20:31


With the Youth Gathering quickly approaching, I wanted to give you some more fundraising ideas that have been beneficial to me as a youth and as a leader. If you would like more information about this or other fundraising ideas please feel free to contact me. Last time we looked at some major fundraisers, so this week I wanted to give you some ideas that are a little less time consuming!

Baggin’ For Tips- We worked out details with the local grocery store and on one Saturday we bag groceries and any tips that we receive goes to our cause. Not only is this a great way to make a few dollars, this gets your kids out into the community. One time we even had the local news there doing a story on what we were doing!

Night out at the Restaurant- Work with a local restaurant to have a few hours when part of their proceeds go to your cause. You can advertise to your congregation and friends to come and be a part of this night out. You are happy because you make some money and don’t really have to do much, and the business is happy because they have a lot of people coming in to their establishment!

At the Car Wash- Obviously this is a fundraising staple, but I wanted to give you a few additional ideas. Talk to your local WalMart or some place like that where a lot of people congregate. We had a car wash once at WalMart and so many people came through that wouldn’t have. Also, secure donations before hand. Have each kid get either a flat donation or a per-car donation from people ahead of time. This way you are guaranteed money and you can still put the donation basket out while washing!

Sponsor a Youth- Have a $100 or $200 youth sponsor. Break up the costs to more affordable figures and then go out to your congregation members and ask for the smaller chunk of money. After the NYG, have a celebration where you show pictures and videos of the trip and allow the youth to say thank you to the people that helped make it happen!

Fly for Free- If you have a smaller group, this could be a great thing for you. The year we took 12 people to the Gathering, we asked for anyone in the congregation who had frequent flyer miles to consider donating them to us. Then we booked the flights while transferring their miles to a youth’s name. In the end we had 10 flights donated and we had a person step up and pay for the other two. This is a creative way on cutting the high cost of airline tickets!

Blessings as you continue on the Road to the Gathering!