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13 Reasons Why

Why 13 Reasons: A Discussion Guide

A resource and discussion guide for the Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why. Continue reading

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When Your Teen Goes Through a Crisis

Because of the emotional instability of the teen years, it’s not unusual for a teen to go through a crisis. Continue reading

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Snark, Crackle, Pop Culture: Teen Suicide

Snark, Crackle, Pop Culture: Teen Suicide

I do not have children of my own, but every day I talk, laugh, play, and share God’s love with the students God has placed in my congregation and our school. I love these kids, my kids. My love for…

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How to Help Youth Cope after a Suicide

Tips for leaders, with common questions youth may ask Continue reading

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Helping Hurting Youth

Helping Youth Who Hurt: A Resource Kit

Talk sheets, articles, and Bible studies to help you walk with youth who are hurting. Continue reading

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Skit: On the Edge

Skit: On the Edge

Vern Phillips is depressed with his life and ready to end it all. An angel’s intervention helps him to realize the value of his life. Continue reading

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