Activities & Games

Find events and activities to do with your youth, and games to get them moving and thinking.

Looking for a quick and easy game to break the ice with your youth? Or a longer and more complicated activity to help build community? How about something related to the season or to tie in with a Bible study? Search below to find youthESource games and activities, contributed by various readers over the years.

And before trying a game, check out this article on Game Presentation and Techniques.
Games that allow for some artistic or creative expression.
Ball/Throwable Objects
Games that involve balls or other objects that can be thrown or tossed.
Board/Card Games
Games created by using board, card, or other games.
Chase, tag, and running games.
Community Building
While all games are great for community building, these specifically offer great opportunity for time in community with each other.
These are events in and of themselves, often taking about an hour or more to pull off.
All of these involve food, and some are messier than others.
Fundraising Games
Are they games, or are they fundraisers? Maybe they could be both!
High Tech
Games that make use of technology like digital cameras, smartphones, etc.
Ice Breakers
Consider starting your gathering with an ice breaker activity to both spark, and gauge, group interaction.
Just need something to spark your imagination? Check out some of these ideas.
Games that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.
Have a new group, or just a big group? Get everyone to mix and mingle with these games.
Obstacle Course/Race/Relay
Various games set up as obstacle courses, races, or relays.
Sometimes you need to get to a new location. Not all of these have to be off-site, but work well as such.
These games are best done outside.
Scavenger Hunt
Who can find the most items on the list? Many of these scavenger hunts take a little more time.
Games created with certain seasons or holidays in mind. Fall  Spring  Summer  Winter
Youth groups are constantly traveling, and it’s always nice to have a bag of tricks to pull from.
Ask some questions and make your group think a little. Some of these trivia games are also great getting-to-know-you games.
All of these use water. Consider doing them outside! They also make great summer games.