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On Campus: Light in Darkness

I was reminded the other day of the darkness we live in and of the light that can shine through that darkness. Because of sin, we can often overwhelm ourselves with darkness. However, I absolutely love the thought that while darkness is all around us, the light that Jesus shines on us is even more powerful then anything. After contemplating this subject for a while, I started thinking about the phrase “There is a light at the end of the tunnel”. That may be true, but how long is this tunnel? See, we all go through so much on...

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Skit: The Gift of Blood

Download a PDF of The Gift of Blood.   Mr. Every One: (Mr. One is lying supine on a table, covered by a red (scarlet) blanket. At his feet is a sign entitled “Mr. Every One.” After everyone has been seated, he slowly sits up and says): Let me tell ya. It’s been one of those morning. On my way over to _____ to give blood to the Red Cross, I was run over by the bloodmobile. Both my legs were cut, and I lost a ton of blood. They wanted to take me to the hospital, but I...

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Skit: Doubting Thomas

by Ron Unger This drama is based on the Gospel lesson (John 20:19-21) for the Second Sunday of Easter (lectionary series B). Download a PDF of Doubting Thomas. Cast: T = Thomas #1 = Disciple #2 = Disciple J = Jesus To be spoken at a quick tempo, in meter. 1: Hey there, Thomas, where you been tonight? T: I’ve been outside to catch the evening light. 1: You should have been inside; you should have been with us. The Lord came by and created quite a fuss. T: Came by here, came by here? Don’t you think that’s...

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