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Rebekah Freed

Rebekah Freed is a Kansas-grown girl who went to college in the cornfields of Nebraska before being sent to Tonawanda, New York, in 2010 on her DCE internship at First Trinity Lutheran Church. She joyfully continues to serve there as the Director of High School and Young Adult Ministries. In the few warm months that Buffalo has, Bekah enjoys spending time outside hiking, facilitating the high ropes course at a nearby camp, or visiting the many parks and waterfalls in the area. The rest of the year, she bundles up inside reading, writing, playing her guitar and wishing it was warm out. She occasionally writes about ministry and life on her blog

Miss Perfectionist

Identity Theft Devotion: Miss Perfectionist

Miss Perfectionist makes us think that we are defined only by what we do and how well we do it, but God joyfully gives us grace, covering over any mistakes we make with the blood of Jesus. Continue reading

0 Comments / 11 View / July 19, 2017

Identity Theft Devotions

You are loved! You are enough! You are valuable and treasured! You have a purpose in this world! Continue reading

0 Comments / 25 View / July 12, 2017

The Eighth Grade Transition

As we intentionally do some of these things, more students remain connected as they transition into high school. Continue reading

0 Comments / 81 View / June 9, 2016

College Card Ministry

Here’s a great way to keep college students connected to their church even when they’re away from home. Continue reading

0 Comments / 185 View / January 28, 2016

30 Days of Prayer for College Students

A booklet of devotions for parents and friends of college students. Continue reading

1 Comment / 1465 View / January 26, 2016

Lent Devotion: Where Were You?

a devotion on the song “Where Were You?” for times of doubt and trouble Continue reading

0 Comments / 171 View / April 1, 2015

Lent Devotion: Knowing an Unknowable Love

a devotion on the Lenten hymn “My Song is Love Unknown” Continue reading

3 Comments / 492 View / March 19, 2015

Lent Devotion: But First, the Cross

At the cross we see God’s heart of love, a love that poured out and sacrificed EVERYTHING so that our suffering would be temporary in this life. Continue reading

0 Comments / 194 View / March 12, 2015

Lent Devotion: Come

a devotion on the Lenten hymn “Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain” Continue reading

0 Comments / 77 View / March 9, 2015

Lent Devotion: Grace Abounds in Deepest Waters

While it’s not specifically a “Lent” song, “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail),” by Hillsong United is a favorite of mine during this season, especially this second verse: Your grace abounds in deepest waters Your sovereign hand will be my guide Where…

0 Comments / 332 View / March 4, 2015