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Brandon Metcalf

Brandon is currently living in Lake Ozark, Missouri, with his wonderful wife, Dana. He serves there as the Director of Christian Education at Christ the King Lutheran Church with a focus on children, youth and family ministries. In this role, he especially loves teaching, speaking and using stories to help others learn about God, find their value in Him and realize that nothing can satisfy them outside of Christ.

All Things New: Question-Free Zone

In this latest All Things New blog post, Brandon reminds us of the questions we should be asking and where to find the answers. Continue reading

0 Comments / 143 View / September 8, 2014

All Things New: The Big Picture

Brandon shares some final thoughts as his internship comes to an end Continue reading

0 Comments / 56 View / August 7, 2014

All Things New: Just Be Yourself

“Just be yourself” – it’s some great advice, and something youth workers would do well to remember. Continue reading

0 Comments / 110 View / June 25, 2014

All Things New: The Role of Worship in Youth Ministry

“Church is boring, but youth group is fun.” That statement summarizes one of the greatest struggles in youth ministry. In our desire to make the church “relevant” to youth, we can easily set up a system that is totally different…

0 Comments / 2640 View / June 11, 2014

All Things New: The Waiting Game

So what are you waiting for in your ministry? What is it that you are looking forward to that will take you to the “next step” with your group? Continue reading

0 Comments / 142 View / April 16, 2014

All Things New: Keep the Dream Alive

Lay a solid foundation for keeping your ministry dreams alive. Continue reading

0 Comments / 45 View / April 4, 2014

All Things New: Moving Outside the Church Walls

Serving outside of your congregation can enhance your service within it. Continue reading

0 Comments / 46 View / March 19, 2014

All Things New: The Habit of Meeting Together

All Things New: The Habit of Meeting Together

Get in the habit of meeting together to support and encourage. Continue reading

0 Comments / 119 View / March 11, 2014

All Things New: Dealing with Low Attendance

All Things New: Dealing with Low Attendance

What does it mean when you have low attendance at an event, and how do you handle it? Continue reading

0 Comments / 135 View / February 25, 2014

All Things New: Lock-In Lessons

All Things New: Lock-In Lessons

Everything you do in youth ministry needs a purpose. Continue reading

0 Comments / 779 View / February 5, 2014